A Little Less Conversation


Creepers – H&M, Velvet legging – Action, Tops – H&M, Blouse – WE, Vest – vintage, Bag – vintage, Earrings – vintage

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This is one of my favourite outfits, the velvet leggings are super comfy and this look is just very casual. I just love this vest! I finally found like the perfect combination for it with a simple blouse like this.


New In: Just A Few Things


DSCN3526So here are just a few things that I got a while ago. On the left is a white long cardigan, which I got from H&M, it was a great deal! And on the right of the cardigan is a bagpack, also from H&M, and below that a bordeaux corduroy  high waisted short from the brand Yes Or No and a faux leather bag form Mango. The spiked bracelet is from Primark and the snake earrings were from SIX.

I manged to get discount on everything again so I’m really glad with my bargains!





I am so glad that I saw Moke live yesterday! Moke is a band from Amsterdam and they make great music! When you search for ‘Here comes the summer’ or ‘This plan’, music videos that reached the top charts and played loads of times on MTV, you will see that they aren’t just a regular garage band or something.

Moke has his own unique sound, and that’s very special nowadays because there are so many rock/alternative bands.

(Click on the picture of Moke to enlarge it)The members of the band all have such a great sense of style, during their show the keyboard player, Eddy Steeneken wore black combat boots,  black leather (or faux leather) skinny jeans, a black top and a black biker jacket with a golden sheen to it. I loved it! It looked really awesome with the lights during the show.

The lead singer (and also guitarist), Felix Maginn wore a suit and suede shoes with a black shirt underneath. The shirt button up all the way to the top, so a collar appears, and I love collars. they are also  so hot right now.

Drummer Rob Klerkx kept things casual, so he wore a black shirt and some trousers.

Bass player Marcin Felis wore a dark-blue shirt, which was button up all to the top, a white belt and tight black jeans and black shoes. Dark-blue with black is a great combination and the white belt with it makes it ready to rock!

Last but not least, guitarist Phil Tilli wore black pointed patent leather shoes, black trousers, a black shirt and a brown scarf around his neck, for some warmth I guess.


Shine Bright Like A Rainbow

Shoes - H&M, Socks - Primark, Leatherlook leggings - secondhand, Jumper - H&M

Shoes – H&M, Socks – Primark, Leatherlook leggings – secondhand, Jumper – H&M

It is time for some color! I recently got some glasses, yes I had contacts but I like glasses so much, that I bought two glasses at once! You will see the other one soon. What do you think of this look?


Miss Classy Glassy



I saw this lovely girl on my way home a few days ago. The main reason I desperately wanted to take a picture of her was because of the really awesome plateau shoes and her great sense of style. She seems to buy a lot of her clothes in London, so they are definitely more original, and ahead of the fashion in The Netherlands. I also like the black-white striped scarf with the military coat and the shorts! I love shorts! Her hair looks really great on her and her glasses are classy!


New In: H&M Bargains



The day before yesterday I visited Amsterdam and this is what I got at H&M! The jumper was just what I needed for my faux leather leggings because it is long enough, I think that it will look so awesome, you’ll see! But first, I’ll need some matching socks.

On the right is just a basic tank top and I promised myself to buy more tops instead of shorts and skirts, because I have plenty of bottoms but not enough tops. I’m glad that I made some progress the last couple of months because of the end-of-season sale.

The collars I bought are so great, you can wear it on a tee or jumper, there are little studs on it! I bought a black and a bordeaux one.